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Anger, Passivity, and Power: The Challenge of Male Anger in the Therapy Room

We live in an age of anger, which unchannelled is leading to rising hate, violence and division. Recent media coverage has highlighted how some of our communities are beset with incidents of violence and knife crime.

As therapists, we ask ourselves – “What can we do about this, no matter how small?” In this Workshop, we celebrate ways of understanding and working with male anger that may empower our clients to make positive change in their life and the world around them.

Using a mix of teaching and small group discussion we would like to explore therapist’s blocks to working with male anger. We will also present a developing new TA model linking Passivity, Rage, and Guilt in a reinforcing cycle of behavior.

We believe anger can be a powerful force for personal and political change. By claiming our power as therapists when working with male anger we help our clients reclaim their potency for personal change

Nathan Gould CTA and Anthony Woods Dip TA Practice

“Nathan is a Certified Transactional Analyst who runs a thriving Private Practice situated between Leeds and Bradford. Over the last few years, Nathan has developed a particular interest in working with issues around anger and rage. Nathan uses a relational approach, combined with core models from Classical TA to help clients develop self-awareness, emotional literacy, and assertive behaviors. Nathan works with individuals, couples and groups.”

 The ultimate power of failure; the essence of I’m OK – You’re OK

Failure is part of all our experience and is profoundly unpleasant. Robin explores with participants how that experience can be used to effect significant change.

It is all so easy to associate power with success, with money and with numbers (the more of something there is the more powerful it is), and it is surprising to consider that it might be our failures that can be the doorway to power. This power is distinctly personal and inevitably relational. Could it be that the failure of the therapeutic relationship can offer the opportunity for empowerment for us and our clients? Is it our personal failures that can scrape us down to our baseline and be the root of an authentic relationship?

Robin proposes that many of the most meaningful and fundamental changes happen through the negative transference.


Robin Walford, MA TSTA(P)

RobinRobin is a Psychotherapist, a Teaching and Supervising Psychotherapist, has a Masters degree in psychological therapies and is also an Anglican priest. He has had over 40 years experience as a psychodynamic counsellor and later a Transactional Analyst psychotherapist in private clinical practice working with individuals and couples. He worked for a number of years for the National Health Service. Robin has considerable experience as a trainer and supervisor and in addition to his active role within the training programmes at LCPD he teaches as a visiting trainer in a wide variety of settings. He is passionate about teaching and sharing his knowledge with qualified practitioners through training and CPD groups. He holds the UKATA Medal for services to Transactional Analysis and particularly for his contribution to ethics.

 Finding Your Voice: The Power of Creative Expression

This is an experiential workshop in which we’ll explore the concept of ‘Voice’ by finding our own using the medium of poetry.

The positive and therapeutic power of creative writing is the focus of much current research, there’s a growing body of evidence that people feel empowered and more confident in themselves when they start expressing their ideas and creativity using the written word. And poetry lends itself beautifully to the task – such a wonderful and accessible way in to reading and writing !

We’ll limber up by studying some poems (by poets with a connection to Yorkshire, of course, after all, we’re in Leeds !) and then, by use of encouraging prompts we’ll venture on to converting some of our ideas into our own muscular expressions of who we are….. Who knows where this might take us !!

 Marie Naughton
Shame and The Power of Vulnerability – The Vulnerable Therapist

Kathie and Barbara will invite participants to consider the challenges of working with their own shame and vulnerability as therapists and counsellors, in order to experience and model for clients the true power that comes from the Vulnerable Self when we re-integrate it into our core. We will share our developing thinking about shame, our defences against it and the potential that exists in our core wounds, if we can discover the bridges into the safe relational space needed to work with these aspects of our identity. We will invite participants to consider and discuss the models presented, and to discover their own routes to empowerment through vulnerability.

The workshop will involve experiential exercises, didactic teaching and discussion.

 Kathie Hostick TSTA and Barbara Clarkson TSTA
Sharing Power – What’s in it for WE?

This experiential workshop, which will use TA co-creative principles as a way of working together, will invite participants to explore their own relationship with power.

How do we share power? What does that evoke in us, and what are our innate impulses in relation to this idea. What might we need to let go of in order to become ‘we’? What are the gains of WE?
And the losses? In our discussions about this workshop we considered contracting, physicality, mutuality and co-creativity, existential life positions and the drama and autonomy triangles, and the role of cultural scripting among others!

So, we have some ideas from classical, relational and co-creative TA to share with you in relation to the questions posed above, and we look forward to working with you and what you bring to this
experience, to find some answers.

Bev Gibbons PTSTA(P) CTA (P) BA and James Sweeney PTSTA(P), MA, PG Dip

Bev GibbonsBev is passionate about getting TA ‘out there’ so that as many people as possible are aware of it, and can have the opportunity to experience themselves positively through its great potential to transform. She is committed to explore and experience the potential in relational, co-created processes.
Bev is a PTSTA (P) and has a BA Hons in integrative counselling, she works as a trainer, supervisor and therapist in private practice, and is currently vice-chair of UKATA Council and chair of the UKATA Safeguarding Committee.

James SweeneyJames has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Counselling and has completed a Masters Degree in Counselling Studies. He is also an Accredited Counsellor with BACP and has also qualified as a Certified Transactional Analyst. He is a Provisional Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst. James is fascinated by process
and how we relate to each other and how we learn in an interpersonal context.