Conference Programme


Morning: Panel discussion and question time

9.30am – 12.30pm

Power and responsibility are complex. To help explore this years’ theme in a dynamic way, we have changed to format to a discussion panel of speakers who are passionate about aspects of our theme. 

Our speakers, Karen Minikin, Pete Shotton and Jim Davis will kick off the conference with a round table discussion followed by audience involvement in the form of break out groups and discussions. 

The speakers will each be taking a small speaking slot where they will introduce ideas and concepts that they are interested in or passionate about; Karen will speak about alienation, Jim about the personal and the political and Pete about being and belonging. Following this there will be a short panel discussion and then we invite comments and questions from the audience. 

After the morning break we will break into facilitated groups to discuss these and your ideas further. We will then come back together to end the morning session with a summary and review of our discussion and learning. 


Afternoon Workshops

1.30pm – 3.00pm

We have 5 fantastic and diverse afternoon workshops to choose from. Workshop presenters include those who have supported us over the years. We are also delighted to welcome some new faces. All workshops are related to our topic of Power, the Political and Social and Responsibility of the Practitioner; the difficulty is going to be narrowing it down to 1…….

You can find out more about each workshop by clicking on the link on the right.

Workshop Title and Speaker
Anger, Passivity, and Power: The Challenge of Male Anger in the Therapy Room

Nathan Gould ,CTA and Anthony Woods, Diploma in Counselling with Transactional Analysis

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The ultimate power of failure; the essence of I’m OK – You’re OK.

Robin Walford, MA TSTA(P)

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Finding Your Voice: The Power of Creative Expression

Marie Naughton

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Shame and The Power of Vulnerability – The Vulnerable Therapist

Kathie Hostick TSTA and Barbara Clarkson TSTA

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Sharing Power – What’s in it for WE?

Bev Gibbons PTSTA(P) CTA (P) BA Counselling Studies and James Sweeney MA, PG Dip Counselling

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Closing Plenary with Dr Divine Charura

The Love of Power / The Power of Love

3.30pm – 4..30pm


Workshop Details

Workshop Details Presenter Biog Anger, Passivity, and Power: The Challenge of Male Anger in the Therapy Room We live in an age of anger, which unchannelled is leading to rising hate, violence and division. Recent media coverage has highlighted how some of our communities are beset with incidents of violence and knife crime. As therapists, … Continue reading Workshop Details

Closing Plenary

The Love of Power / The Power of Love Our Closing Plenary is from Dr Divine Charura, a course director in the School of Health and Community Studies at Leeds Beckett University. Divine is a Chartered Psychologist and member of the British Psychological Society. He is registered with the Health Care and Professions Council as … Continue reading Closing Plenary

Discussion Presenters

Karen Minikin MSc CTA (P) TSTA, Hellingly, East Sussex Karen Minikin works in East Sussex as a psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer. Previously, she edited the race and culture column for the BACP journal (the “CPJ) and she contributed a chapter on “The Politics and Psychology of Alienation” in “Relational TA: Principles in Practice”, ed. Fowlie and … Continue reading Discussion Presenters