Workshop Programme

Calling all workshop presenters….

We are currently inviting workshop proposals for the 2017 North East TA Conference.

Workshops are 90 mins in length. We have a rich and varied programme on the theme of Live, Life and Creativity. For full details on workshops, click on the READ MORE link.

Keynote Opening Address:

Time Speaker Subject
09.35 – 10.30am Kathie Hostick, TSTA(P) A creative response to a shameful life experience READ MORE..

Morning Workshops, 11.00am – 12.30pm

Speakers Subjects
Dr Cathy McQuaid


Creating the Trainer: Breathing Life into Your Training Practice READ MORE…
Jim Davis


“I want it my way”: Desire and Eric Berne’s fear of loneliness. READ MORE…
Carol Faulkner


“No man is an Island, entire of itself – every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main”. Diversity and me Where do I fit in?) READ MORE…
Helen Rowland


Keeping supervision alive: how to understand and respond to our shame and fear in supervision READ MORE…
More workshops to be added


Afternoon Workshops, 1.30pm – 3.00pm

Speakers Subjects  
Bev Gibbons & Mandy Nicholas


Swimming in the Emocean: Using Imagery, Metaphor and Symbolism in Our Work READ MORE…
Steff Oates


What do I create in what is seemingly an increasingly destructive world? READ MORE…
Carol Wain


The 3 S’s – Stamina, Speed and Strength? Staying vitally alive to enjoy ourselves and our clients. READ MORE…
Enid Welford Creativity in supervision READ MORE…
Debbie Jelpke
Whose life is it anyway:
An infinite Blank Canvas?

Closing plenary

Time Speaker Subject
3.30 – 4.25pm Details to follow To follow READ MORE…

Workshop Details

Kathie Hostick, TSTA(P): Keynote “Three years ago I received an official complaint. It rocked my world professionally and seriously challenged my code for living life (script). Following the shame of this experience and it’s impact, I faced the ongoing challenges by allowing myself to be vulnerable. From my vulnerable place, I was more freed up … Continue reading Workshop Details