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Educator, Storyteller and Outdoor facilitator.

Keynote Opening Address: Rose Rylands

Rose’s keynote speech outlines our disconnection from nature and subsequent malaise, re connection to wholeness and healing through story and connection with the natural world. Possibilities for the new journey in Eco TA.

Rose is a storyteller and walking guide based where she grew up on the East Coast at Whitby. Her mission is to connect people to the earth as a place of magic, mystery and meaning, to arrest ongoing harm to both ourselves and the natural world.

“My passion is to connect people with the earth as a place of mystery, meaning and magic through story. I suppose I am a sort of cultural custodian of my own small space and beloved bit of earth.”

Once Upon A Time…Story, Narrative and Script in the Room and the Relationship

Bev Gibbons, PTSTA(P) and James Sweeney PTSTA(P).

In this workshop Bev and James are seeking to explore with you the role of your story, narrative and script within relationship as the matrix in which we can develop and change our co-created identity. Through dialogue in relationship we can we can explore current meanings and develop new meanings where our Ego States and transactions emerge from these meanings. The co-creation of new meanings enables the emergence of new possibilities, new healthy script and an ever-changing story and narrative. We will explore this in our work in group using exercises, imagery and our co-creation of group process.

Bev and James acknowledge the role of power and within the workshop seek to develop and promote the personal power of all participants including the presenters and welcome exploration of power dynamics. In working co-creatively we want to welcome and celebrate difference and diversity by encountering others in exploring ‘Present I, Present You’ and exploring with others when we move from that Adult-Adult place where we can meet and account for all that we are.

Bev and James have presented together many times, both at NETAC and other conferences. They are both very experienced therapists, trainers and supervisors.

Changing the Story: Imagery Re-scripting as Treatment for Trauma

Andy Williams, TSTA(P)

Images have become a hot topic in psychotherapy, especially in association with the treatment of trauma and difficulties with anxiety.   Of especially importance has been studies in the bi-directional nature of images and emotions.  In other words, if you are remembering something that is very emotional, it is highly likely that this memory will be in the form of an image.  Likewise, if you try to remember something very emotional, this experience is far more powerful if an image is recalled rather than simple verbal processing. 

The power of images brings us to two treatment ideas:

  • Imagery should be examined during clinical assessment.
  • Positive changes in therapy should employ the use of imagery to be effective. 

This workshop will be in three major sections: 

  • Section 1.  Imagery Re-scripting, recent theory and some key ideas found in the research.
  • Section 2.  Imagery Re-scripting techniques; ideas I can use in my practice.
  • Section 3.  Application to practice – some practice sessions I can apply to my practice.

Andy Williams is the Director of Teaching and Learning at TA Training Organisation.  He has recently been awarded an MSc. in Professional Supervision.  He is very interested in narrative as well as Eco-TA and the “broader story” which connects us all.

Transforming Lives Through The Fairy Tale Process

Gerry Pyves MA (Oxon), PGCE, Dip TM, PTSTA(P)

In his book of the same title, Gerry outlines the 12 steps he has used to help over 100 people make significant changes to their life scripts using his ‘Fairy Tale Process’.

In this workshop, Gerry will explain his model and discuss the role that Transactional Analysis has played in developing each of the steps. He will also explain how he integrates the BodyMind into this process through story telling. “Transforming Lives Through the Fairy Tale Process” is the third book in his “Psychology of Change” series, which is aimed at bringing the ideas of Transactional Analysis to a wider public.

Participants are invited to wear a hat and/or other items of clothing that in someway evoke a ‘fairy tale world’ for the opening 20 minutes of this workshop.

Gerry has spent over 30 years as a full time therapist in both bodywork and psychotherapy. His new ‘Academy for Psycho-Tactile Therapies’ aims to bridge the gap between these two worlds. The Fairy Tale Process was something he developed along the way…For more information go to

The Ancient Art of Story Telling in the Modern Day Therapy Room

Jennie Miller, CTA (P) PTSTA (P) MSc Psychotherapy

I discovered the joy of storytelling many years ago and had kept it as a separate part of my life and out of the consulting room. One day I found myself drawn to tell a client a story about a lioness, I was surprised to find myself doing this and then delighted by the positive impact it had on our work.

As practitioners we are familiar with listening to our clients’ stories, through TA we may even invite our clients to explore their past by asking them to relate a childhood story, in this workshop I will be asking you to consider becoming the story teller. Story telling is an art that comes through the centuries and travels around the world, I will share some of these riches (stories) with you and we will look at how this weaves into the therapeutic relationship.  “They (tales) appeal to our rational and irrational instincts, to our visions and dreams…” (Dr L. W. Roberts)

Jennie Miller  is a TA Psychotherapist, Trainer, Supervisor and Author of the self- help book Boundaries, How to Draw the Line in Your Head, Heart and Home. Based in Edinburgh with a private practice she specialises in couples work and therapeutic story telling.

Closing Plenary: Eco-TA – Earth Stories – Working from the ground-up and outwards

Hayley Marshall PTSTA(P) and Giles Barrow TSTA(E)

Ecopsychology, environmental activism, holistic education and concerns about climate emergency have been around for decades although little attention is given to these ideas in the TA world. All TA practitioners and our clients live on this planet, our Earth, and many of us are determined to live well, in and with, the world. Yet so little of this commitment and energy ‘shows up’ in transactional analysis. 

In this closing plenary we will introduce Eco-TA as a new marker on the TA landscape and invite participants to join us in ‘widening the circles’, broadening our TA frame of reference. Along the way we will also consider our own stories in relation to the earth, exploring our unique relationships with the land around us and what this means in relation to our identity. We will suggest that working beyond the relational and into the ecological space is the most urgent and important challenge of our time.

Hayley Marshall PTSTA(P) is a UK based outdoor and indoor TA psychotherapist, supervisor & trainer. Having worked outdoors clinically for 13 years, she is now director of The Centre for Natural Reflection based in the Peak District. She has written several articles and book chapters on outdoor therapeutic practice.

Giles Barrow TSTA(E) is based in East Anglia and spends much of his time outside, sometimes with groups and individuals interested in teaching, learning and education.  He writes on the themes of soil, soul and society and is interested in how marginal experience can transform life at the centre.